Desperado Antonio Banderas Cancion Del Mariachi this animation we created from the movie Desperado.

Outlaw is an American activity movie composed, delivered, and coordinated by Robert Rodriguez. A spin-off of the 1993 film El Mariachi, it is the second portion in Robert Rodriguez’s Mexico Trilogy. It stars Antonio Banderas as the mariachi who looks for retribution on the medication ruler who slaughtered his darling.

The musician El Mariachi, sets out with a guitar case loaded with weapons to retaliate for his sweetheart’s demise and the mutilating of his hand. He makes a trip starting with one town then onto the next looking for Bucho. El Mariachi meets a kid, whose father supposedly plays guitar professionally.

He gives the kid a few pointers. At the Tarasco bar, El Mariachi takes part in a strained deadlock with Bucho’s goons before an enormous gunfight ejects. He slaughters everybody in the bar, yet Tavo, who was in a back room leading illicit business, endures and tails him outside. In the city, Tavo wounds El Mariachi before being slaughtered himself. Carolina, the lady who El Mariachi shields from Tavo’s projectiles, takes him to her book shop. Bucho shows up at the bar to study the bloodletting. Suspicious, Bucho orders his men to chase down the man “wearing dark”.
In the book shop, Carolina watches out for El Mariachi’s injuries. While he rests, she finds the weapons in his guitar case and acknowledges what his identity is. El Mariachi requests that her assist him with discovering Bucho. He goes to the town church and converses with Buscemi. Agitated with the slaughter at the bar, Buscemi persuades El Mariachi to surrender his mission for blood. Outside the congregation, a man outfitted with tossing blades ambushes them, executes Buscemi and seriously wounds El Mariachi. Bucho’s men show up at the scene, both the man (who dresses in the dark) for El Mariachi and murder him. They return the body to Bucho, who acknowledges they have executed an inappropriate individual, a hired gunman named Navajas sent by the Colombians to slaughter El Mariachi.