The Beginning of Earth is the story of how God created several dimensions where one of them only He can exist in while others for spiritual beings to exist in. One of the dimensions God created is the physical dimension.

He then went on to create an expanding Universe and flung Stars and Galaxies into the expanding Universe.

The script of this animation:

  1. can you make the light more blue and white? pink is not what was decribed
  2. Lucifer has blonde hair and green eyes with white gown
  3. Michael has blonde hair and blue eyes with warrior clothing with a sword
  4. Lucifer did not have warrior clothing but he had more normal white gown with musical instruments
  5. Make Lucifer similar looking to Michael but his eyes are greenish
  6. Adam also has 2 images. One with light as clothing superimposed the brown human almost cannot see his brown skin. After the fall, Adam lost his light and suddenly left with naked brown skin
  7. Some people tried to make pain how he looked like but in reality, he can appear shortly like an angel before going back to look like devil or dragon
  8. Lucifer has 2 image. One looking great like Archangel and one after he was thrown out
  9. The archangels are bigger than the angels
  10. Please note all angels are blond in the beginning with white clothing
  11. Please note that Cherubim feet do not look like human feet
  12. Add the plasmatic energy field in spherical form just like the video on it
  13. The character Lucifer was in the beginning beautiful and full of light. Even the angels under his charge deeply respected him because of his light & beauty
  14. In the beginning, God decides he wanted to create for His enjoyment. Nothing wrong with that until Lucifer was created
  15. That is why they are not like us born in the fallen body from Adam. After the fall of Adam, only out of control sex drive came and cause troubles
  16. The beginning story is strictly only men looking
  17. The female idea only came with creation of Eve
  18. Please make all the Archangels and angels men looking
  19. See that God is some kind of Energy Field with an outline of a human form but he is spirit and has no physical form like human being
  20. the key character is Lucifer when he was an archangel and later became a beast
  21. we should show God creating seraphim first, cherubim and then Michael and angels. Then Lucifer was created after them.
  22. Seraphim is similar but seraphim is above the throne chair while cherubim on floor
  23. the key characters would be: God, Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel, Adam and Eve. The rest are just angels etc
  24. When God creates….please see how he creates the plants on earth. We should show how he creates his Cherubim also the same way how the parts coming together.